Why People Think Chrissy Teigen Might Be Opening A Restaurant

Like Bobby Flay's cat, Chrissy Teigen is taking 2021 by its horns. But while Bobby Flay's cat is working on a culinary experience for felines, Teigen seems to be cooking up something that humans are going to flock to. Here's what gleaned from the secretive Instagram post that Teigen offered to fans in late February 2021.

First, Teigen probably wouldn't be short on customers. Michelle Pfeiffer and Octavia Spencer are already lining up (virtually, of course). Pfeiffer may once have been on the brink of breatharianism, the idea that the human body can survive almost exclusively off of sunlight, but as far as we know that's since changed (via Business Insider). According to Shape, Spencer is a foodie. We implicitly trust her instincts.

Second, Teigen is working with one of Hollywood's hottest interior designers, Jake Arnold on the project. Arnold, according to Evening Standard, designed Teigen's LA Cravings headquarters. He's currently working on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's new, 17.5 million dollar Beverly Hills home, where he's designing "everything," Arnold told the news platform, "all the way down to custom dishes and bedding."

What would Chrissy Teigen's restaurant look like?

Teigen's recent Instagram post gave us two more nuggets of wisdom. There's the fact that the model and cookbook writer seems to have acquired (or be in the process of acquiring) a "market/restaurant spaces in the HEART of Beverly Hills."  

And, there's the fact that the photo Teigen posted to her Instagram shows what looks to be a brick oven. We caught you. You're thinking about pizza. And, of course, Teigen is a pizza fan. She's a two-to-three slice pro and not a one-to-two slice amateur (via Twitter). In fact, Teigen likes the food so much that Kelly Clarkson sent Teigen and Legend a gigantic pizza as a wedding anniversary present once. Just ask Daily Mail, who wrote an article about it in awe.  

Yes, the thought of a Chrissy Teigen-run pizzeria in Beverly Hills is nothing short of mouthwatering. But please, don't jump the gun. The only other hint we have from Teigen's social media announcement is: "We are about to disrupt some sh**."