Trader Joe's Shoppers Are So Excited For The Return Of This Irish Porter Cheddar

Trader Joe's customers are getting excited for a specific cheese that could be coming back to store shelves near them any day now. Apparently, a Trader Joe's fan account on Instagram, @TraderJoesList, spotlighted blocks of Irish Porter Cheddar Cheese that the Instagrammer saw at their local store on Monday, March 1st. For those who aren't well acquainted with Irish Porter cheddar, it's good to know that the cheese is basically a white cheddar that has had porter beer added to it by hand (via Cooks Info). The porter is made by Guinness but is not to be confused with the brand's famous stout beer, and there's an entire pint of it in every wheel of Irish Porter cheddar cheese.

Within a day, the Instagram post received more than 3,800 likes. The caption read, "IT'S BACK IRISH PORTER CHEDDAR CHEESE Now that it's March 1st it feels appropriate to post this since St Pattys day is 3/17! It's a hoppy cheese that's here to remind your tastebuds that even cheddar cheese can be Irish. Im still in shock it's March again! How will you be celebrating Saint Patrick's day?!" And plenty of people were clearly excited about the cheese.

This is what Trader Joe's fans are saying

A couple of people simply wanted to point fingers that the caption got "St. Patty's" wrong and that it should be "St. Paddy's." According to USA Today, they're arguably right since Patrick was incorrectly translated from the Irish Gaelic name Pádraig. But there were plenty of people who were just there for the cheese. A couple of comments simply read, "yummm." There were also tons of comments that did nothing more than tag their friends to alert them to the good news.

Others were more vocal in their excitement. One comment read, "whew I love it! I need to pick me up summadat!" Another person tagged someone else and wrote, "if you ever doubt my love for you, may you be reminded in every single cheese post I tag you in." Clearly, there are some cheese enthusiasts out there ready to get their hands on some of this cheese. So it won't last forever on Trader Joe's shelves.