Walmart Just Made It A Lot Easier To Watch These Cooking Videos

With a whole bevy of food celebrities taking their shows to subscription-based platforms like Discovery+, you may feel like there's no way for you to stream new food content from some of your favorite food celebs. Unless, of course, you sign up for one of those platform's subscriptions or happen to catch a new show on Food Network at random. However, Walmart just dropped new and free food videos featuring some favorite food personalities and they're all free to watch via Walmart Cookshop.

The service is a fun little video platform that features shows hosted by a range of celebs, from The Pioneer Woman to Sofia Vergara. The platform isn't updated that regularly, but you can catch the most recent update right now, which includes 20 new videos to enjoy (via Delish). And, if you've never checked out Walmart Cookshop before, you can binge all of the different videos on the platform, about 40 different pieces of content in total.

What all can you watch on Walmart Cookshop?

So what all can you expect on Walmart Cookshop? The no-account-required platform features seven different shows. In addition to those hosted by celebrity cooks, the other shows feature new recipes or ideas. There's a very Chopped-reminiscent show called Mystery Basket, which is a cooking shortcut-inspired show hosted by Chef Lasheeda Perry, who you may recognize from the Food Network's Best Baker in America. And there's another show titled Sweet Genius and a show called Create Your Own, which gives you some ideas for creating your own tasty treats with whatever you might have on hand.

Each show is pretty short. Think under two minutes for the Create Your Own videos, and less than five minutes for Patti LaBelle's southern-inspired quick cooking tips. One cool feature? Under each video, you'll find an option to "Shop featured recipe," which allows you to directly add items from a video's recipe into your online Walmart shopping cart. During a time in which it's more and more difficult to find free content, the Walmart Cookshop website is one you'll want to check out.