Why You Won't See George In The New Episodes Of Dinner: Impossible, According To Robert Irvine

If you're one of the many who've added Discovery+ to your subscription lineup recently, then we have some good news: The new platform is part of the driving force behind bringing back yet another hit television show, this time in the form of Dinner: Impossible's long-awaited reboot.

Chef Robert Irvine — the other fan-favorite British celebrity cook, right up there with none other than Gordon Ramsay — led the Food Network show from just 2007 until 2010 (via IMDb), but it was enough to capture the attention of viewers all over. Dinner: Impossible was top-tier reality TV fun, sending the chef on absurd, out-of-the-box culinary missions with the aid of two sous chefs, according to Food Network. With "Big George" Galati and David by his side for eight seasons, Irvine tackled everything from preparing a cruise-ship dinner for 2,900 vacationers to shopping for cooking supplies in the Mall of America.

With Discovery+ slated to debut the new episodes on March 1 — and Food Network expected to air the live episodes as well — excited fans have been trying to get the scoop on the new season from Irvine himself. One fan asked on Twitter, "Will you bring back George?"

Irvine said they'll have to "wait and see," since the internet's favorite sous chef "has just had two hips replaced." Ouch!

And while Irvine said Big George won't be making a return this season, he didn't rule it out completely, telling the fan "let's see what happens in the future."

Big George may be out of commission this season, but he's still keeping up with the culinary world

Despite being notably absent from the Dinner: Impossible return, Galati has made a considerable name for himself. In the years after the show first ended, he helped open up a restaurant for Ramsay, as well as Guy Fieri's Chophouse. The former sous chef worked his way up the culinary ladder, even opening The Steakhouse in 2016 (via Press of Atlantic City). 

Galati also landed a hosting gig for the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival. At the time, he shared how much he loved working on the Dinner: Impossible set, and even told the Atlantic City Weekly that the show was "not done" and "will return after Restaurant: Impossible." We hope that means he'll return, too!

Even though the news of Galati's absence from the season may come as a disappointment, it's more than justified; most people wouldn't even head back to their office cubicle for a nine-to-five after a single hip replacement, let alone a double one. And, well, Dinner: Impossible is about as far from a traditional desk job as you can get.

Irvine shared with a Facebook commenter just how intense filming for the show is, calling the show "very physically challenging." We can't imagine that would go over well considering the sous chef's recent health complications, so we're relieved Big George decided to sit this one out.