Trader Joe's Popular Soda Bread Is Back, Just In Time For St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, we can start planning out our holiday meals to honor the spirit of the celebration. While soda bread ranks as one of our tried-and-true staples to break out when we want to celebrate this Irish-themed holiday, its origins might surprise you. While we have come to associate the bread with Irish cuisine, the first soda bread traces its origin back to Native American tribes in North America, when indigenous cooks used pearl ash to leaven bread without the help of yeast (via My Recipes). The bread officially made its Irish debut in the late 1830s, thanks to the creation of bicarbonate soda and the availability of the inexpensive ingredients required to make the bread. 

Fast forward to the present, and grabbing some traditional soda bread proves much easier than trying to bake it at home. Luckily, Trader Joe's has us covered this holiday season with their Blarney Scone. Instagrammer @traderjoeslist found this item at their local Trader Joe's and posted a photo of the soda bread alongside the caption "IT'S BACK BLARNEY SCONE – $3.99 – Irish soda bread is back! It's the perfect bread to pair with #traderjoes corned beef (which is out of this world delish!) So excited to eat all the yummy Saint Pattys Day food!" The post has already attracted almost 6,000 likes, but the love hasn't stopped there.

An Irish tradition perfect for St. Patrick's Day

Everyone who has checked out the post can't get enough of this caraway seed and raisin-studded soda bread, which is making its yearly return. Replies to @traderjoeslist's post include gems like "I'm plant based but I was craving this bread. Lol might go off diet for a piece!!!! excited to try TJ's. Growing up with an Irish Grandma she made it from scratch every year!!!" and "Oohh need to try this!" If that can't get you excited, the affordable $3.99 price tag can easily draw you in.

If you have wanted to try some new ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some classic Irish cheer, nothing sets the mood like including this buttery, scone-shaped baked good into your holiday spread. After one bite, you'll see why this bread has stuck around through the years and goes great with whatever hardy fare you throw at it. Trader Joe's suggests some butter and orange marmalade for this not-too-sweet bread. Give it a try next time you make your Trader Joe's trip and the bread won't let you down!