These Are Bobby Flay's Biggest Cooking Weaknesses, According To Giada De Laurentiis

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has been a culinary legend for a long time. According to Pop Sugar, Flay has been an inspiration to his fans for more than three decades. He owns several restaurants in the country and one of his favorites is Gato, a New-York based restaurant that serves mouthwatering Mediterranean dishes, such as a delicious kale and wild mushroom paella. 

Of course, Flay has been a rather accomplished chef throughout his career and has made a name for himself in the industry. As reported by Insider, he landed a gig as a head chef when he was only 20 years old. He was surprisingly wise and self-aware about the experience and said, "I was 20 years old, and way over my head. I had to hire the cooks and do the menus. I did it for a year, but I thought, I need to know how to cook better." This motivated him to learn more about his art and he decided to accept other roles in a bid to improve his skills in the kitchen.

Pasta and desserts aren't Bobby Flay's strong suit

Flay's hard work paid off over the years, he's now a reputed chef with a stellar reputation. That doesn't mean that he doesn't have his faults, though. His colleague and friend, Giada De Laurentiis thinks that there are a couple of dishes that aren't Flay's strong suit (via Gossipcop). Before we get into that, it's worth remembering that Flay is popular for his Food Network show, Beat Bobby Flay that has a rather simple premise: a competitor is required to challenge Flay in a cook-off and beat him. Flay is talented and an accomplished chef that remains tough to beat. However, he's not the best at making certain dishes.

De Laurentiis said that Flay does have his share of weaknesses, no matter how talented he may seem. She stated, "What I think is important to remember is there are a couple of things that are not his strong points. One would be pasta. Number two: desserts." As pointed out by Cheatsheetthe latter is definitely a valid point. Desserts have been Flay's weakness in the past, something that has also been noticed on the show.