The Real-World Fruit People Think Thanos Grows On His Farm In Avengers: Endgame

Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is filled with superheroes, evil villains with extraordinary powers, endless theories, and elusive Easter eggs. This movie is so rich in storytelling elements, there's a lot to talk about. One thing that has us talking is the fruit that Thanos is picking on the planet known as the Garden. The Garden is where Thanos goes at the conclusion of the Infinity War — you know, after the famous snap where he took out half the universe. It makes sense that Thanos would go to the Garden to farm because as The Wrap is quick to point out, Thanos really saw himself as the "cosmic gardener" cutting back that which he perceived as overgrown or past usability. 

This brings us back to those spiky orange fruits that the evil snapper is picking as he strolls through his fields. Were they real or just part of the sci-fi imagination? Turns out, this odd-looking fruit is real and per Enzed Exotics, it even made a guest appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine before Thanos started growing themThis fruit with all of its thorns really does look like it was generated from someplace out of this world, but according to Purdue University, it claims Africa as its place of origin, and about 90 plus years ago, it made its way to Australia.

Kiwano melons are the alien fruit in Avengers: Endgame

Purdue University describes the taste of this alien looking fruit, known as the Kiwano melon or horned African cucumber, as bland, while says that the inner flesh is "slimy" and tastes a little like a cucumber, zucchini, or kiwi. However, as it reaches peak ripeness, the Kiwano melon apparently takes on the flavor of a banana. That description covers a pretty broad range of tastes, but Thanos doesn't seem like he has a very discerning palate so, we think this is probably the perfect food for him to be growing. 

Healthline shares that this tropical fruit starts off green in color and turns orange as it matures. To eat the Kiwano melon, it is recommended that you slice off the top, sprinkle some salt or sugar on the green jelly-looking flesh and use a spoon to scoop it out, seeds and all. Because of its high water content — 88% to be exact — Kiwano melons are perfect to help you stay hydrated. This weird fruit also contains electrolytes that can help revitalize your body on a hot day, after a tough workout, or even after wiping out half of humanity with the snap of the fingers. Because, let's face it, even evil galactic supervillains need to refuel their bodies.