Giada De Laurentiis Says This Is The Most Underrated Tool In Your Kitchen

For amateur chefs and home cooks everywhere, often overlooked are the very tools we own in our home. With drawers filled with more than one kitchen tool or gadget, there inevitably comes a time when we forget what we've stuffed into these drawers over the years, and it all becomes another target of spring cleaning.

Instead of spending hours at the store looking at what other cool contraption you might need, let's first take a look at all the things we've hoarded over the years — especially scissors. Yes, often the most underrated tool in our kitchen, scissors are probably one of the most helpful and useful tools you can own as a cook. When it comes to certain culinary tasks, sometimes it is best to put down the knife and bring out the scissors, as this sharp utensil is apt to take on just about everything. But don't just take our word for it. This is something acclaimed chef Giada De Laurentiis swears by (via Giadzy).

The unsung hero of the kitchen

Whether you're using kitchen shears or sturdy scissors, if you've used them before you'll know that there's a long list of things you can do with these tools. Sure to become your favorite go-to kitchen staple — in case they aren't already — you'll find that they ultimately make cooking easier. With these sharp and heavy duty shears or scissors at hand that can take on just about anything, you'll quickly agree with De Laurentiis that they're incredibly versatile – she uses them for just about everything.

From quickly cutting herbs like basil and cilantro to slicing through poultry with ease, cleaning shrimp, and even cutting through dough before baking, the possibilities for a good pair of kitchen scissors are just about endless (via Today). No more spending time at the cutting board, worried you'll chop your finger instead. We think it's worth looking through those cluttered drawers for those scissors. With a good sharpening and cleaning, they'll be good to go. (You can thank us later.)