People Are Furious About Chick-Fil-A's New Point System. Here's Why

Chicken-loving Redditors are pretty cluckin' serious about Chick-fil-A One, the chain's points and rewards program for members only. So serious that Reddit user Plaguei5 recently posted a spreadsheet detailing the best and worst values on the Chick-fil-A rewards menu. Fellow One members on the r/Chick-fil-A subreddit rejoiced, praising the user for "doing the Lord's work." Less than a month later, however, Chick-fil-A has updated its rewards system, according to a new spreadsheet by nation333, raising the number of points required for many menu items and affecting the value of favorites like Chick-n-Minis and waffle fries for One members.

"I'm very unhappy with Chick-fil-A for these changes and the way they sprung them on us and will be going there far less frequently (if at all) as a result," one user wrote on the thread. Others agreed, saying they will "stop going" and that the chain "screwed its most loyal customers" with the unexpected new system. If you're a One member and want to continue getting the best value for your hard-earned Chick-fil-A points, here's how to order.

How to hack Chick-fil-A's new rewards menu

If looking at spreadsheets ails you, fear not. User u/nation333's chart, based on St. Louis, Missouri, prices, is pretty easy to decipher for the mathematically challenged: When a more expensive menu item requires a lower number of rewards points, you're getting a good a deal. When a less expensive item requires a higher number of rewards points, the deal is not as good. To figure out a menu item's score, simply divide the cost by the points. 

For example, under the newly adjusted points system, the best deal is a large fountain drink or tea, which costs $2.19 and sets you back 300 points for a score of 73. The worst deal, instead, is the $5.35 grilled chicken sandwich, which is valued at 1200 points for a score of 44.6.

To make the most out of your points, you could order a spicy chicken sandwich, medium waffle fries, or three chicken strips — all in the top ten values on the points key. When every $1 earns you just 10 points, you've got to make them count.