Alton Brown Just Announced A New North American Tour

Finally. This year, we may finally be getting back the live food and entertainment experiences we've all craved, and Alton Brown is wasting no time in announcing his upcoming tour: "Happy to announce my new North American tour! Drop by to find tickets in your area. New dates will be added soon so if you don't see your town, check back. #BeyondTheEats" (via Twitter). In a video posted on social media, the outgoing chef and entertainer shares that there will be "comedy, cooking, music, mayhem, not necessarily in that order."

The tour starts in Minneapolis on October 13th, 2021, but tickets are on sale now at the official website for Alton Brown Live. At the moment, it looks like shows begin in the northern U.S., shift to the east coast, move south and central and then appear to conclude on the west coast for what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind cooking expo. After all, Brown also teases that this year, "there may just be a giant fire-breathing robotic chicken. Maybe. Maybe not." 

One fan despaired over the itinerary, writing, "If only this tour ACTUALLY included other places in North America other than the US. No Canadian dates- BOOOO!!" But Brown reassured the user, "We're working on multiple Canadian dates, actually. Just can't announce yet" (via Twitter). Fans are literally so excited that some reported crashing the server looking for dates in their hometowns. Fortunately, Brown says they are diligently adding more dates and locations all across North America.

Live Beyond the Eats

There will be food at Brown's show – lots of food, but also his signature brand of crazy and wacky science. When it comes to volunteers, you may want to think twice. Volunteers will be selected at random to participate live and onstage with Alton Brown, and if pictures from past shows tell us anything, it's that there's typically some sort of steam, freezing, or fire involved. It looks like there could be games, spinning wheels, costumes, and possibly puppets, too. Think of a cooking expo on steroids, except really happy and not angry at all.

Superfans may enjoy the VIP experience, which is reported to include prime seats, exclusive access to the pre-show soundcheck, and an "intimate" post-show Q&A. The show runs for roughly two hours, and VIP guests will get to skip the line for fun show merchandise too. 

Since we simply can't wait for more updates ourselves, we'll leave you with a critic's review of one of Brown's previous live performances: "Yes, the show is wildly indulgent. It is also a hoot," (via New York Times). The reviewer also wrote, "This one-man variety show combines cooking lore with physics, chemistry, comedy and a live band." That sure sounds like fun.