The Truth About Alex Guarnaschelli And Brandon Clark's Relationship

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is an inspiring icon. Not only is she a celebrated chef, but she's also a devoted mom who gets along extremely well with her daughter, Ava. According to CloserWeeklythe chef often shows Ava what it's like to work in the kitchen because Ava inherited her enthusiasm for the craft. Ava is Guarnaschelli's kid from her previous marriage with lawyer Brandon Clark.

The couple got married back in 2007 but decided to part ways in 2015. As per Hollywood Mask, Clark and Guarnaschelli first came across each other in 2007 at New York's Institute of Culinary Education and were besotted, choosing to tie the knot soon after. While things sadly didn't work out for the couple, they do have a good relationship these days and remain dedicated to being good parents to Ava. As for their past, the details about what led to the pair's divorce are murky.

Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark are still in each other's lives

According to the New York Times, Guarnaschelli wondered whether she'd ever find someone she wanted to be with before she fell for Clark. She said, "If you want to have a relationship, at some point you have to let yourself get caught...that's what I did. I got caught." Clark was captivated by her sense of humor. He said, "Some people found her intimidating. I found her funny, playful, exciting and adorable."

As Hollywood Mask describes, rumor has it that things went wrong when Alex Guarnaschelli realized that her husband wasn't being faithful. The supposed cheating was a bit too much for the chef. According to that version of events, Clark didn't acknowledge these allegations at first but later admitted that they were true. However, we've found no confirmation of these claims.

Following her divorce, Alex Guarnaschelli eventually found love again with fellow chef and Chopped winner Michael Castellon, and the two became engaged. At the same time, Clark remains in her life in a positive way. Photos on Instagram suggest that they're still a family as far as Ava is concerned. Touching!