The Truth About Humphrey Yogart

If you are looking to find the crown jewel of frozen yogurt, Humphrey Yogart in Sherman Oaks, California might offer that regal spoonful of deliciousness. While the company's tagline says "Be Bold, Be Different, Blend In," that phrase seems to apply to its concept of "yog-art" (via Humphrey Yogart). With over "5,000 different combinations of ingredients," it seems that having it your way is part of the enjoyment of the food experience. Although known for its hard-packed nonfat yogurt, which has a similar texture to a traditional scooped ice cream, the restaurant sells other frozen treats, like ice cream and smoothies.

For over 30 years, Humphrey Yogart has been part of the Southern California landscape. While Eater reported that there was a few-month hiatus for the brand in 2016, one location still offers the customizable frozen treats that many people have come to know and love. Even as the brand competes against larger names like Pinkberry, the customer testimonials show a craving for the unique flavors, 45 blend-ins, and friendly staff. Just like the right combination of ingredients to make that perfect customized frozen treat, Humphrey Yogart appreciates that the whole experience brings guests back for another taste of one of the 500 desserts they sell per day. In its three decades, Humphrey Yogart boasted one certain employee who went on to have a particularly royal resume. 

Meghan Markle started out working at Humphrey Yogart

During the March 7, 2021 special "CBS Presents Oprah With Meghan and Harry," Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, revealed that she once worked at Humphrey Yogart as a teenager. While the mention was a quick one, the comment sparked many people to seek information about this Sherman Oaks frozen yogurt shop (via MarketWatch). As seen on social media, many people are sharing their thoughts. From Twitter jokes like "Of all the Frozen Yogurt Joints in all the Food Courts in all the Malls, you walk into mine" to "Humphrey Yogart is very real and its name is very perfect," the quick mention could be a royal windfall for the restaurant's owners Paula Armour and Jim Sheftel (via Twitter).

While frozen yogurt has been over a 20-year love affair for the married Sheftels, the business hasn't always had a cherry on top. Although the frozen yogurt competition can be stiff, the quirky name and loyal customer following have kept the business going. As one loyal customer said about why he returns to Humphrey's: "It is my favorite place. I'm addicted to it, I truly am," (via Humphrey's Yogurt). Whether or not it is the hard-packed frozen yogurt, the thousands of flavor combinations, or the new revelation that Megan Markle once worked there, Humphrey's Yogart might be the new "it" place for a tasty frozen treat in Southern California.