Aldi Fans Can't Get Enough Of These Mint Striped Fudge Cookies

Are you looking to mix up your dessert selection this week? Are you tired of eating the same old rotation of cookies and cakes? Or maybe you've really been craving a classic Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookie lately, and you just can't wait until your local troop starts their cookie sales. Then Aldi just might have the thing to add to your dessert shelf this week with their new, uniquely delicious mint-striped fudge cookies. This sweet treat is made with a traditional shortbread cookie and striped with layers of rich fudge and refreshing mint, creating the perfect balance of chocolate and mint. 

Many Aldi fans were delighted to see this sweet, minty treat on their local store's shelves. The popular account @aldi.mademedoit announced on Instagram: "Mint chocolate cookie heaven has arrived in @aldiusa this week!" and quite a few of their social media followers were quick to celebrate the news of this cookie's arrival (via Instagram).

Aldi shoppers raved about these mint striped cookies on social media

Follower @madelinesuperfan replied: "The mint striped fudge cookies taste just like thin mints, five stars!" and @chenaij agreed: "The fudge striped are amazing. I'm goin for door #1 AGAIN!" Another Instagram user, @mrs__wheels, made a post on @theamazingaldi's page, raving: "I bought the mint creme ones on Thursday and have eaten almost all of them... Soooo good!"

Shoppers should be warned that these cookies are addictive, and many of the packages were gone in a matter of days. User @lulathrift agreed: "We got the fudge ones and the pack was gone in a couple days!" Follower @pharmgrl88 posted: "Those fudge stripes are fabulous.....I need another package!" Another social media user pointed out these cookies are vegan, so even if you avoid eating animal products, you can still indulge in the sweet treat. 

These Benton's mint-striped fudge cookies are an Aldi special find, which means they won't be on the shelves forever. So if you're a fan of mint-flavored desserts, don't wait to get your hands on these popular treats. They are available at your local Aldi for just $1.49 a package, per Aldi.