Easy Breads You Can Put On The Dinner Table Tonight

If humans hadn't invented bread, then we wouldn't have French toast, grilled cheese, garlic bread, croutons, dinner rolls, avocado toast ... and the list goes on. Bread is a staple. Without bread, our world would be vastly different in a plethora of ways.

However, not only is this food pretty necessary, but it's also relatively easy to make and change up with different ingredients. For instance, a typical dinner roll can be slathered in cinnamon butter for a truly tasty side. Bread can also be made into a classic baguette or a tray of focaccia. If any of these ideas sound scrumptious to you, then we have some recipes you should test out in your own kitchen for dinner.

Yup, we're about to go through a bundle of expertly crafted bread recipes. They're all practical and don't take an entire day to create. So, with all of that out of the way, let's run through a noteworthy mix of baked goodies.


According to My Jewish Learning, challah is a bread that's typically braided and is chock-full of tradition and special meaning. For instance, it can have three braids that stand for "truth, peace, and justice."

This bread is more challenging to make than the others in this roundup. However, we have a challah recipe by chef and food writer Maren Epstein of Eating Works that's incredibly tasty — if you're up for the task. By Epstein's account, it's "always a crowd stopper." Epstein also recommends enjoying it with garlic compound butter.


Some people aren't major cornbread fans. Others can't get enough of it. If you fall into the latter category, then you might want to check out this easy cornbread recipe.

The creator of this dish, Kate Shungu of Gift of Hospitality, notes that her version is both sour creamy and incredibly moist. Furthermore, it's a straightforward dish to bake up. All it takes is six ingredients and less than an hour of your time. This recipe might become a regular on your dinner table.


There's nothing better than enjoying a fresh baguette. If you want to skip out on taking a trip to the bakery for a loaf of bread, you can easily turn your kitchen into your own bakery. This baguette recipe creates two loaves, uses a number of basic ingredients, and is straightforward to follow. Laura Sampson of Little House Big Alaska who developed this delicious recipe notes that it's "perfect for bruschetta or great for serving with soup."

Copycat Olive Garden breadsticks

It's no secret people flock to Olive Garden to eat their warm breadsticks. It's a dinner essential, and Olive Garden gets the recipe just right. But if you don't live close to an Olive Garden or simply want to spend the night in, we here at Mashed have you covered.

Our copycat Olive Garden breadsticks recipe is definitely worth checking out. In a little under two and a half hours, you'll have a basket of savory breadsticks to enjoy alongside your meal. These loaves will taste especially delicious when paired with pasta.

Focaccia bread

Are you a huge feta cheese fan? Are you both a gluten supporter and someone who can't get enough of olives? Well, if you answered yes to those questions, then you might want to check out this focaccia bread recipe ASAP. It may potentially tick all of your boxes. This recipe is light, airy, has feta cheese and green olives on top, and is bound to be such a fan favorite in your house.

Copycat Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter and rolls

You really can't beat Texas Roadhouse's butter and rolls. Whether you've been a fan for a while now or you're simply excited to try this hyped-up item, then our copycat Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter and rolls will certainly come in handy. In this recipe, author Lindsay Mattison describes the bread as "super buttery and tender" and the cinnamon butter as "equally perfect." That's exactly what you'd want in a serving of dinner rolls.