This Is How Long Sourdough Bread Stays Fresh

Sourdough bread came about by accident. According to NPR, this style of bread ranks as the oldest leavened bread in history and most likely originated in ancient Egypt when wild yeast found its way into a bread dough that had sat out longer than normal. The result was a classic staple that has survived the ages. This hearty bread also does wonders for our health — it proves easier to digest than other breads and doesn't spike blood sugar (via Healthline). With bread like this, we love to eat sourdough as much as possible and want to keep it as fresh as long as possible.

Finding the perfect storage techniques takes a bit of practice. According to Still Tasty, sourdough stays good for four or five days if left in a pantry, and up to three months if left in a freezer. For the longest life, using a freezer just makes sense — you can either slice the loaf or leave it whole, wrap it all up in aluminum foil or plastic freeze wrap, place the wrapped bread in a freezer bag, and chuck it in your freezer. While the bread tastes best for the first three months, it stays safe to eat for as long as you keep it in the freezer, meaning you could potentially enjoy some sourdough after that three-month mark (via PureWow).

Storing sourdough outside of a freezer

If you love the taste of fresh sourdough and don't want to use your freezer to store it, feel free to use your pantry. According to Still Tasty, make sure to keep your sourdough in a cool, dry space and store it in its original packaging. It might sound tempting to put the bread in your refrigerator, but resist this impulse! Refrigerators accelerate the time it takes for your bread to dry out, leaving your sourdough stale in two or three days tops. If you choose to keep your bread out of the freezer, make sure to stay vigilant. If your sourdough discolors or smells off, cut off any offending pieces. If your bread ever starts to grow mold, throw the whole thing away.

With some practice and experimentation, you can find the optimal way to keep your sourdough fresh for days. If you bake up or grab a loaf of bread this delicious, it just makes sense to keep its freshness up for as long as possible and knowing the proper ways to store it makes this bread perfect for all occasions.