Geoffrey Zakarian's Tricks For The Best Steak

What are Geoffrey Zakarian's tricks for the best steak? A nice juicy steak is easy to eat — but not so easy to make. There are so many things to keep in mind when you're cooking up a fat ribeye or T-bone at home. You have to pick the method: whether you're going to grill it, sear it, or broil it. You have to choose the right seasonings and the right time to apply said seasonings. You have to know exactly when to take the steak out of the refrigerator, how long to let it rest before cooking it, and how long to let it rest after cooking it. And while you do all of the above and more, you somehow have to get it to come out at the exact right temperature. It's overwhelming at best and seemingly impossible at worst.

Fortunately, Geoffrey Zakarian has a few easy tips for how to cook the perfect steak. The Food Network star has revealed how he makes sure his steaks come out top-notch every time.

Seasoning the steak is the most important step

As a Chopped judge and chef himself, Zakarian is very particular about how he cooks his steak. His number one tip is to make sure it's seasoned properly (and enough). "Basically steak should be entirely salt-crusted," he told The Daily Meal. "Under-seasoning steak is a common rookie mistake. You absolutely need a crust on it." According to Men's Journal, the salt crust creates a shell around the steak that locks in all of the moisture while it cooks so you're left with the juiciest meat.

Zakarian shared a few other steak-making secrets in his interview with The Daily Meal. Some of his key recommendations include cutting the steak straight instead of at an angle, making sure you use a very hot, very clean grill, and waiting until the steak is room temperature before you cook it. "If it's cold, the steak will be grey on the outside and red on the inside; you want it room temperature when it hits the grill so it cooks evenly," he explained.