What Chopped Winner Einat Admony Is Up To Now

Reality television show Chopped has helped many talented chefs get noticed. Per Insider, its popularity really should not be underestimated. Chopped has been on air for a really long time, with more than 45 seasons to date, and it's still going strong! Here is an interesting tidbit that you probably didn't know about the show — it has actually five chefs, not four, for every episode. Basically, one of those chefs is a back-up option just in case they're required to step up if someone else needs to quit. Julianne Feder, a chef who has been a back-up contestant previously, revealed what it's actually like to be in that situation. She said, "As a standby, I had to show up and be prepared just like the real contestants. The night before I sharpened my knives and laid out my shoes and comfortable clothes. I set the alarm for 4:30 a.m." 

Participants on the show are known for being extremely competitive. One of the chefs from the show, Einat Admony, was a very promising competitor — according to the Food Network, she really had what it takes to become a Chopped champion. The show's host, Ted Allen, had nothing but praise for her, saying, "Einat had a falafel business, and she went up against an executive chef from a really fancy restaurant, and she kicked his butt... I won't forget her."

Einat Admony is a promising chef

Einat Admony has come a really long way after her appearance on Chopped. According to her official website, she's thriving as a business owner and chef. Her restaurant, Balaboosta, is a fine-dining hotspot that focuses on Middle-Eastern cuisine. Admony has also started a couscous bar Kish-Kash and is, of course, the owner of her popular falafel business Taim. The talented chef has also found the time to write two cookbooks, called Balaboosta and Shuk.

Admony never takes her passion for cooking lightly. "Cooking is a way to express my love and compassion for those around me," she explained. "It is also a way to connect the past with the present and future." Wise words. The chef also frequently updates her Instagram page with useful recipes for her fans. In one video, Admony gives viewers a glimpse into one of her most special dishes, a Yemenite fish curry that she has dedicated to her father. She wrote, "This recipe is a tribute to my late dad who enjoyed food almost as much as he enjoyed soccer." We can't wait to see what Admony cooks up next!