The Reason McDonald's Locations In Texas And Mississippi Still Don't Have Indoor Dining

Texas and Mississippi may be ready to shed its COVID-19 protocols, but fast food giant McDonald's says it isn't quite ready to take the same leap of faith just yet, per Today. As a result, the fast food chain won't be falling in lockstep with the state governments that want to do away with their mask mandates. Instead, it will continue to ask its customers to wear masks, and to get its employees to wear masks too. Its dining rooms in both states will also remain closed because, as the company tells Fox News, it will "continue to operate under the advice of health and science experts when making decisions regarding openings." McDonalds also wants "to continue to put customer and employee safety first."

McDonalds isn't the only fast food restaurant that isn't exactly keen to turn its back on wearing masks in public — Whataburger also said it would still get its employees to wear face masks, although, it would open its dining rooms to 50 percent capacity. Whataburger will also "encourage" its guests to wear their masks when they aren't eating or drinking. Grocery chains like Kroger and Target have already said there will be no change to the store policies of having customers wear masks while they shop (via Today).

Fast food chains are worried about the consequences of misaligned mask policies

Stores and fast food chains are worried about the consequences that could arise as a result of the end to the mask mandates. While workers will want to stay safe, they run the risk of encountering angry customers, who don't want to mask-up because it is no longer necessary. Kelsey Erickson Streufert, vice president of government relations for the Texas Restaurant Association told CNN, "Earlier in the pandemic, we did hear several stories of customers becoming angry and potentially even threatening with restaurant employees who were, frankly, just trying to do their jobs and keep people safe."

The lifting of mask mandates puts everyone back at square one and because of this, both grocery stores and fast food chains are now having to find ways to tell their customers that even if their state governments say its ok, corporate policy differs and masks need to stay on. At least for now.