Is Drinking Diet Soda Keto-Friendly?

Love it or hate it, chances are you have strong feelings about the ketogenic diet. While some credit it for decreasing their waistlines and improving their general health, others find the adverse effects of cutting out nearly all carbohydrates outweigh the keto diet positives, especially in the long-term (via Mayo Clinic). But, if you are in ketosis — the state in which your body is supposedly burning fats as fuel instead of glucose — and looking to stay that way, you might want to stay committed to the keto diet either way. As a result, you've probably wondered at one point or another whether a diet soda will really have an effect.

According to Healthline, while diet soda itself has no sugars or carbs, it still isn't a good choice for a keto diet. The reason for this is the artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame in the mix, which trigger the same taste buds as sugar. They can also keep you addicted to overly-sweet foods and can make it more difficult for you to taste the sweetness of natural foods, both of which can impact the efficacy of your keto diet (via Diet Doctor). In fact, including these artificial sweeteners could disrupt not just your metabolism but your appetite and even the microbiome in your gut. However, take heart, as there are plenty of soda alternatives that are genuinely keto-friendly.

How to curb the craving for a carbonated beverage

There's no need to stress about surrendering your diet soda with so many delicious and keto-friendly drink options out there. Perhaps the most popular on the market right now are flavored sparkling waters like La Croix, Spindrift, and Bubly, which contain no sweeteners of any kind. If you can't find a flavor you like, chances are you just haven't tried enough of them, as there is a constellation of this stuff out there.

If looking for even more variety in your drink options, you could go for a hot or iced tea (as long as it's unsweetened), homemade matcha, or even an unsweetened almond, soy, or cow's milk for a creamier beverage experience (via Men's Health).

Finally, if you just can't quick your diet soda completely, you don't have to. Because they have little to no carbs compared to regular non-diet sodas, a diet soda won't necessarily knock you out of ketosis (via Healthline). And, since only you know how you react to artificial sweeteners, it's a choice you'll have to make for your own keto journey.