Here's How Much Alton Brown Is Really Worth

Let's talk about Alton Brown, then. The Good Eats host and celebrity chef may not have invented the concept of food-themed television, but he has certainly elevated it with his fearless approach to cooking that combines everything from comedy to science. He's also a curious case among celebrity chefs, seeing as the often-untold truth about Brown is that he hasn't really worked in or owned any high-end restaurants. Instead, he basically jumped right into the food show game right after graduating from the New English Culinary Institute. He hasn't really left since.

Seeing as TV careers are generally lucrative, while restaurants are often scrambling to save money due to the industry's terrifyingly slim profit margins, one would imagine that over two decades of television career instead of more traditional kitchen work would have left Brown with significantly more dough than your average chef ... but is this true? Let's see how much Alton Brown is really worth.

Alton Brown's many endeavors have earned him a fortune

Guess what? It turns out that a lengthy career as a TV personality is pretty good for your finances. In fact, according to wealth estimation site Celebrity Net Worth, Alton Brown has turned this career into a fortune of $13 million. 

It would be easy to assume that the vast majority of Brown's net worth stems from his tenure on shows like Good Eats, Iron Chef Americaand countless others — and while those have quite probably made him a pretty penny over the years, it's worth noting that Brown's name recognition gives him other sources of revenue, as well. Beyond his numerous appearances on the small screen, Brown has also written a respectable number of food-themed books. All in all, it appears that when it comes to cooking, taking the Good Eats route can definitely be good for your finances, certainly as long as you're as hard-working and charismatic as Brown.