45% Of People Said This Was The First Dish They Learned How To Cook

Close your eyes and think back to your first time making a dish. Maybe it was when you were really young or perhaps you just learned how to cook during quarantine. However, don't feel bad if you still haven't become a cooking expert. With our increasingly busy schedules a lot of us tend to order takeout, instead of making the meal ourselves. Cooking is an art that takes precision, focus, time, and sometimes a little creativity to get a dish right. 

It also stands to reason that a newbie to cooking wouldn't immediately try to make something like filet mignon. So what do most people attempt to create on their first try of cooking? Out of curiosity, Mashed conducted a survey of 504 people across America to find out. Coming in at the top of the list with 45 percent, those surveyed said scrambled eggs was the first dish they attempted. Which makes sense, since they're a breakfast staple and even if they're a little overdone, they're kind of hard to mess up.

Here's what other food dishes made the list

There's really no loser in a survey like this, but there were some surprising runners-up. In second place was lunch favorite, grilled cheese with 21 percent. Once you reach a certain age, that just doesn't sit well without tomato soup, so it's understandable why a parent may not want to teach their kids how to make that first. Plus, burnt toast is very likely on a child's first try. Coming in third place was macaroni and cheese with 16 percent, which can vary in difficulty from boxed to gourmet.

The other two that were close and ranked at the bottom were meatballs with nearly 4 percent and ramen with 8 percent. These both seem less like beginner dishes and more like restaurant specialties. The "other" category came in at almost 6 percent with people writing in that their first attempt at cooking an entree were foods like pancakes and spaghetti. At the end of the day, an amateur chef can't go wrong with any of these meals. As long as there is someone around to teach the fundamentals and catch any mistakes, all of these dishes are sure to satisfy.