Good News For Fans Of Wendy's Biggie Bags

It's back. Wendy's has relaunched their Biggie Bag deal. Chew Boom explains that this limited-time offer includes a Biggie Bag filled with a Bacon Double Stack sandwich, four pieces of Chicken Nuggets, small fries, and a small drink, all for just $5. The Bacon Double Stack consists of two beef patties stacked with bacon, cheese, mustard and ketchup, and pickles and onions.

This year marks the third year Wendy's has offered this springtime promotion, with the first being in 2019, according to Guilty Eats. Last year, however, due to a lack of beef, Wendy's substituted the beef patties in the sandwich for the Crispy Chicken Sandwich and 10 nuggets. In CNN's reporting, the beef shortage was due to meat suppliers closing their factories to halt the spread of infection from the then still new coronavirus pandemic. 

This year, the chicken has been replaced by the Bacon Double Stack. Some, then, may take the return of the original Biggie Bag deal as a sign of a stabilizing meat supply chain, albeit one that always exists in a state of precariousness.

Wendy's real sights are set on breakfast

The return of the Biggie Bag for a limited time should excite fans, but Wendy's is probably relaunching it now as part of its routine. Fast Food Post announced the first Biggie Bag on March 15, 2019, so it seems probable that Wendy's simply has this part of the year set aside for the Biggie Bag, even though this schedule was disrupted last year by the beginnings of the pandemic. Wendy's true focus in 2021 is breakfast.

On March 10, AdAge wrote how despite pandemic conditions, Wendy's still grew to fill the number two spot of fast-food burger brands in 2021. Now, Restaurant Business notes, Wendy's has targeted breakfast, as shown in their quoting of Wendy's CEO Todd Penegor: "Everybody is all-in on breakfast." How they intend to do this is yet to be seen, but when they do push for breakfast, perhaps we'll be seeing even more incredible deals.