What Are Poffertjes And When Do You Eat Them?

If you love sweets, you have to familiarize yourself with all of the desserts that Holland has to offer. According to Taste Atlas, the Dutch have introduced the world to some delicious treats, like the spiced speculaas cookie, or crunchy stroopwafels that squish a sweet center between two crispy waffle cookies. While you may have encountered speculaas in the form of cookie butter at your local Trader Joe's, Holland pioneered another decadent item you have to get your hands on next time a sugar craving strikes (via Club Trader Joe's).

If you love a sweet pancake, you have to try poffertjes. These yeasted buckwheat pancakes puff up when cooked on a griddle thanks to the enriched dough, and come topped with melted butter and powdered sugar (via The Dutch Table). These signature sweet breads originally came about back in the 1700's and due to the use of buckwheat flour, usually had an association with farmers, laborers, and anyone else too poor to afford white flour. As time marched on, the poffertjes found a place in Dutch culinary culture and now everyone enjoys them when a craving strikes. While you might think these regional pancakes serve as a breakfast staple like American pancakes, the Dutch find an even better time to indulge in poffertjes.

Poffertjes are the perfect snack for any occasion

According to Taste Atlas, poffertjes go great as a snack and pair particularly well with non-standard toppings, like whipped cream, fruit, and even rum. They also make a seasonal appearance, as street vendors serve up these fresh, steaming treats during the Christmas and New Year season, making life that much more festive. These sweets also come out for every Dutch national holiday and it feels impossible to celebrate Holland without indulging in a few of these special European pancakes (via The Dutch Table).

Next time you want to try a fun snack that anyone can get behind, you have to find a shop that sells poffertjes in your area. If you don't have a Dutch bakery in your area, these iconic pancakes warrant a trip to Amsterdam for their taste alone and beg you to make them at home. With such a simple taste that has stood the test of time, you deserve to treat yourself to these otherworldly European pancakes.