About 1 In 3 People Consider This Coffee Drink Their Favorite

When it comes to morning routines, everyone can use a little more comfort to ease into the day. For many, that means their daily cup of coffee, whether you make it yourself at home or like to go out to a local café to pick up your latte (via Premium Waters). But, chances are, you have a certain coffee drink order that you might even consider your favorite. In a recent survey by Mashed, 44,000 people worldwide weighed in with what they consider their favorite coffee drink. The choices included cappuccino, latte, espresso, and an "other" option. 

While the results were somewhat evenly split, the winner with roughly one in three people voting for it as their favorite coffee drink was a latte. According to the poll, 32 percent of people voted for it. In second place, was the "other" category that received 25 percent of the vote. The overwhelming majority of write-ins were some form of drip coffee or what Americans call regular coffee. It tends to involve a coarser grind of coffee bean and more water (via My Recipes). Some specified what kind of beans they like to use or their favorite way to brew it up.

These were the runners-up for favorite coffee drink

Apart from lattes and drip coffee, there were two other choices that came in at the bottom of the list. Cappuccinos took third place with 24 percent of the vote. Ironically, it's just the amount of foam and milk that separates cappuccinos, in third place and lattes, which were the favorite option. According to Visually, lattes have some foam and more milk added to espresso, while cappuccinos have less milk added and are topped with more foam. Both lattes and cappuccinos involve all the same parts of layers, they are simply made with different ratios.

Espresso was the least favorite option coming in last with just 19 percent of the vote. The humble drink is certainly a strong jolt that will get anyone going in the morning. However, it clearly does not win out over drip coffee or espresso drinks with milk added.