This Friends-Themed Ice Cream Is The Perfect Binge-Watching Snack

Ice cream is never a bad idea. Especially if you feel the need to treat yourself and aren't sure what to opt for. A good old bowl of ice cream can temporarily ease your worries and make life feel infinitely better for a short while. Brands like Serendipity know this and work very hard to come up with surprises every now and then.

As per the brand's official website, Serendipity takes its mission to uplift its consumers' spirits rather seriously. A line from the popular Serendipity3 restaurant in New York, the brand features all kinds of desserts that make everyday indulgence a very real possibility. As the brand explains that, "to bring the delicious Serendipity desserts home to our fans, we created a super premium and just-as-decadent line of pints featuring menu-inspired flavors and ingredients." If you're not in New York, customers across the country can get their hands on Serendipity's products. 

On that note, Serendipity is bringing you something almost just as comforting as ice cream: a bowl of nostalgia. Fans of the TV show Friends, get your spoons ready for your next binge-watching night with Rachel, Monica, and Chandler. Here's what you need to know about this new Friends-themed flavor.

Friends fans can enjoy a pint of Central Perk ice cream

Fans making their way through all 236 episodes of Friends will be thrilled to know there's another way to hang with the gang (via Techradar). Serendipity has decided to treat its fans by releasing a special flavor dedicated to one of the most beloved shows on television. A brand new ice cream pint is a nod to the iconic New York-based sitcom and its legendary coffeehouse. According to Delish, this new Friends-themed ice cream is exactly the right kind of nostalgia and is available for purchase online as well as in stores around $7.99 a pint.

Guess the name: it's called Central Perk Almond Fudge. Aww, guys. What can you expect from this flavor? Per the brand, this flavor will feature "coffee ice cream with thick fudge swirl and dark chocolate covered almonds." That is a delicious mash-up of flavors, huh? Sounds even better than something Gunther could serve you. The ice cream tubs are super cute too, featuring the big orange couch and Friends logo. And here's the best part: this is going to be a permanent addition to the brand's line of ice cream flavors, in addition to three upcoming A Christmas Story, Caddyshack, and The Goonies-themed pints. Quite possibly the best part? You won't have to share a scoop with Joey.