Here's Why Gordon Ramsay Started Running Marathons

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is quite the sensation. The Michelin-starred chef has built quite the reputation for being unapologetically himself on television. The chef has some rather interesting things to share about his life. For instance, as per BuzzFeed, if he didn't become a chef, he already knows what his alternative career choice would be: a Navy SEAL. He really admires how disciplined SEALS are. During a Quora Session, Ramsay described the rigors of becoming a SEAL as "absolutely extraordinary" and further explained that "they are elite athletes and their discipline is something I can relate to."

Speaking of discipline, the chef takes his health rather seriously. According to Delish, he makes exercise a crucial part of his weekly routine. He runs, bikes, and swims and prioritizes his fitness as much as he can. In fact, even when away on work trips, he finds a way to work out. "I do sit-ups on the plane," he said. "The seats I sit on are a bit larger than the average ones, so I'm lucky there." He has even exercised competitively, entering marathons, among other contests. There's a reason why the chef is so particular about fitness.

Gordon Ramsay wants to avoid an early death

Gordon Ramsay told Delish, that he wants to make sure that he does what he can to keep himself healthy because of his father and brother. "My father passed at 53 with a heart attack. My brother's an addict," he explained. "So I've got that scare-mongering going on, on a weekly basis, that I need to stay fit."

Additionally, Ramsay has said that in the past, his work has led to some setbacks in terms of maintaining the level of fitness he wanted. As per Runner's Weekly, he saw long-distance running as a way to get back on track. When the chef decided to give marathons a shot in 2001, he struggled to finish the race. He reflected, "You know it's bad when you look behind you and the tow truck is picking up the cones."

Well, Ramsay worked hard and in time, he was able to improve his marathon time by around an hour and a half. He has also competed in Ironman triathlons and even indulged in other activities such as mixed martial arts.