Melissa d'Arabian Reveals The Weirdest Item In Her Fridge

Having a stocked fridge packed with everything from kimchi mayo to emu eggs is something most professional chefs and amateur cooks aspire to have. However, there might be times when a random item sneaks into the lineup. For most people, it can get as weird as having beauty products like nail polish or other objects like pillowcases (via Apartment Therapy). But when it comes to culinary stars, things can get quite interesting when you take a peek inside their fridge. 

For Melissa d'Arabian, one thing in her fridge that seems to withstand spring cleanings is none other than hot sauce. Not too weird, right? But this isn't just any hot sauce, this is a two-year-old bottle of the popular hot sauce Valentina that has taken up permanent residence in the back of the d'Arabian fridge. But what makes this Mexican hot sauce so important to the d'Arabian home? Well, d'Arabian has a good reason.

What's in a name?

Known as the winner of the fifth season of well-known culinary competition reality series Food Network Star, Melissa d'Arabian has also made a name for herself as a television host, cookbook author, and, her most important title, mom of four, as noted in her Food Network bio. With a humble background, a successful career in finance, and a purposeful spending mentality, d'Arabian has taken a huge part in changing the status quo when it comes to eating healthy on a budget. She has even hosted an entire show about this: Ten Dollar Dinners. Yet, when it comes to a certain Mexican hot sauce, it seems d'Arabian can't say goodbye.

"I have a big bottle of Valentina hot sauce that no one eats," the TV star told Food Network. "Yet we keep it, because my daughter's name is Valentine. It's huge and takes up tons of space, but so far we've kept it for two years."

We're patiently waiting to hear how long this hot sauce bottle stays in the d'Arabian fridge. We have a feeling it might be there for a while!