The Real Difference Between Firm And Extra Firm Tofu

Buying the correct tofu can be a conundrum even the most seasoned vegans and vegetarians face. According to Healthline, tofu is made by coagulating soy milk, which is then pressed and shaped into blocks. By itself, tofu can be quite bland; however, armed with the right kind of tofu and the knowledge of how to use it best, tofu can be a good source of protein that is versatile enough to fit into almost any dish!

In an interview with The Kitchn, Tim Kenny, the VP of Marketing at tofu company Nasoya, explains that the real difference between the types of tofu lies in how much water is pressed out. The more the water you press out, the firmer your tofu gets. As the water content decreases, its protein and fat content also go up. Simply put, extra firm tofu has less water and more protein than its counterparts.

Choosing the right type of tofu

Tofupedia claims that firm tofu is the most versatile type of tofu in the market. It is easy to cut into pieces and works well for pan and stir frying, adding to stews, and making spreads. Although you can use firm tofu for deep frying as well, The Kitchn suggests that extra firm tofu works better for all types of frying. While the textures of firm and extra firm tofu may be similar, Tofupedia explains that firm tofu absorbs flavors better than extra firm tofu; so for recipes that require a marinade, firm tofu is the better of the two.

The Kitchn also suggests that firm tofu crumbles incredibly well, making for an excellent tofu scramble. Similarly, they recommend using crumbled firm tofu as a vegan-friendly substitute in recipes that call for ricotta cheese.

So now that you know the difference, how about trying your hand at a new tofu recipe? We doubt you'll be disappointed in this versatile vegan protein.