The Real Reason You Should Avoid Putting Boxes In Your Fridge

Over the course of quarantine, many have gotten hooked on The Home Edit and their signature mixture of organization and color-coding (via The Guardian). We've dreamed of revamping our pantries and fridges with Instagram-ready systems that include perfect labels and color-coordinated drawers. While this might be a bit overwhelming, there's one simple step everyone can take to get started — avoid putting boxes in your fridge. It may seem like a waste of time, but this one step can be a total game-changer.

Eliminating boxes from your fridge isn't really a matter of food safety; it's just for optimal organization. When you get home from your grocery trip, if you have any food items that come in boxes, transfer the contents into a zip-top baggie or transparent reusable container (via Kitchn). This allows you a much clearer view of what's in your fridge and help you take inventory. Who hasn't been frustrated by the experience of reaching into a box of La Croix only to find that someone has simply kept the cardboard box in there, beverage-free?

A fridge worthy of your Instagram feed

Eliminating boxes from your fridge also gives you the chance to stack or sort things more effectively. As The Home Edit recommends, this could involve simple food storage containers you typically use to keep your leftovers in, or those clear fridge bins that you've been eyeing on Amazon. You'll be able to group similar items together (another tip from The Home Edit), and having uniform containers will allow you to more easily keep those groups together (via ELLE Decor).

Another positive for eliminating boxes and getting things more organized? There's a good chance you'll have less food waste, since you'll be able to see everything you have, and store it in ways that helps to keep the items fresh (via ELLE Decor).

And, don't just think that you can toss any leftover boxes on top of your fridge if you have space. A few cereal boxes or empty ones you'd like to use for storage down the road may not seem like much at all, but adding items to the top of your fridge can actually prevent heat from escaping (via The Spruce), which forces the compressor in your fridge to work harder to keep everything running.