This Is The Best TV Snack, According To Waffles+Mochi Chef Bricia Lopez

If you wished you could find a cooking show with a whimsical touch, look no further than Netflix's upcoming series, Waffles+Mochi. According to The Guardian, the show features the adventures of Michelle Obama and her puppet friends Waffles and Mochi, as they travel the world and meet different chefs that help them use specific ingredients. The show, which premiered on March 16, features acclaimed chef Bricia Lopez as one of the titular guests that Obama and company visit on their culinary treks over the world (via Eater).

In honor of the premiere of the new show, Lopez shared the perfect snack to enjoy while binging all the new episodes. According to Bon Appétit's Instagram, the chef shared her recipe for salsa de molcajete, a specialty dish featured in her cookbook, Oaxaca: Home Cooking From The Heart of Mexico. This Oaxacan salsa features a melange of charred tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic, and salt, forming together to create the ultimate tangy and smoky treat that goes perfect with chips.

A binge-worthy snack that has people talking

Anyone that has checked out the post has loved the idea of digging into a bowl of salsa, while watching Waffles+Mochi. The post has so far accumulated over 10,000 likes and garnered a ton of positive responses, like, "Eeeek, can't wait for the show, and this salsa looks amazing," and "This salsa looks so good!!" It's no surprise people can't get enough of this delicious looking dip. According to Dora's Table, an authentic salsa molcajeteada requires you to grind the ingredients together using a special mortar and pestle made from volcanic rock that needs to get seasoned before use. This spicy sauce ends up with a texture like no other thanks to this cooking device and deserves a try the next time you feel like exploring a new recipe.

If the idea of binging Waffles+Mochi with a side of this iconic salsa already has your mouth watering, you need to give this simple recipe a shot. After trying out the salsa, don't forget to check out this new Netflix series that guarantees to get you excited to cook, while also bringing out a ton of childhood food whimsy you didn't even know you had in you!