What Happens To Twin Peaks Waitresses Before Each Shift

Twin Peaks has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to one of their policies in particular. The restaurant chain — that serves items like chicken wings and burgers — has been criticized for a policy that it has employed for years, according to Las Vegas Weekly. Apparently, the Hooters-style chain, subjects its waitresses to being "graded" on their appearance before they start each shift. Even as recently as 2018, waitresses have been graded, according to CBC. Waitresses have even left comments about the process on job hiring websites.

One former employee reviewed their experience in 2020 on Glass Door writing, "Treated like just another object that can be thrown away at anytime. Graded on your looks like body tone, makeup, hair, nails; then ranked by it which would decide your sections and when you got to go home. Managers pick favorites and it shows." Another former employee wrote on Indeed, "You are literally treated like a walking object with no feelings or respect. Not only by the customers but even more by management. 0/10 would recommend."

What former waitresses said about working for Twin Peaks

A photo of the grading criteria and the waitresses' ranking was shared with CBC, which shows there are several categories including hair and makeup that the women are ranked on. One waitress who ranked low told the outlet, "I remember one time I was really low on the grading scale and I opened, I did a double...and then I also closed. I thought I could go home because I worked a double, but they said, 'No, because of your ranking you have to stay and close.' It was ridiculous." 

According to Las Vegas Weekly, Twin Peaks can get away with controlling their appearance and grading them due to the wording of their job listings, such as calling for models. However, a couple of Twin Peaks waitresses did file complaints against the restaurant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2018, per CBC. The pair alleged they were told they'd be fired if they didn't participate in a shift where they were required to wear lingerie. 

One review on Indeed addressed this issue saying, "you are able to opt out of the 'out of uniform' monthly costumes such as bikinis and lingerie, but you are strongly encouraged to participate and they let you know how they feel about it if you do not. They will be sure to let you know that you're going to potentially make less if you do not participate."