The Candy Flavor That 30% Of People Want Gone Forever

In France, someone's working hard trying to give strawberry candy a bad name. French police once celebrated the seizure of 25 kilos (roughly 55 pounds) of the strawberry hard candy in powder form, convinced it was something much more illicit (via DW). Meanwhile, in the United States, Lana del Rey is about to bring rock candy back from the land of all things obscure with the release of her album called Rocky Candy Sweet (via Instagram). Who knows? Maybe that old 1800s saloon drink made of rye whiskey and rock candy syrup will also make a comeback (via The New York Times).

Strawberry candy probably doesn't deserve anything on their rap sheet. And if Rana del Rey says so, we'll give rock candies a pass, too. But some sweets deserve to stay in their resting places eternally, somewhere between oblivion and extinction. Mashed asked 656 of you to vote out one flavor of fruit candy forever. 

The fruit candy flavor that no one (probably ever) has liked

Just 6.71 percent of all survey takers voted out orange. Moving up the list, 10.06 percent of people who participated in Mashed's survey think cherry candy should never again grace our supermarket shelves. Nearly 14 percent (13.72, to be exact), would prefer not to have to unwrap another grape-flavored sweet. Another 16.62 percent would do away with lime. And although it pains us to admit it, 18.14 percent of people have a vendetta against green apple. 

But a staggering 29.88 percent of all survey takers, agree that banana-flavored candies need to leave — find their way onto Elon Musk's first spaceship to Mars, hop on Back To The Future's DeLorean and travel anytime but this time or buy a one way, first-class ticket to Japan's uninhabited Okunoshima Island where they can hang out with rabbits (via Mental Floss). No hard feelings, or anything.

The remaining 4.88 percent of respondents chose the "other" category, and a select few of them (who almost certainly haven't listened to Harry Styles and his Grammy-Award winning anthem) wanted watermelon candy gone.