What Jessie James Decker Eats In A Day

Apart from music and her family, there's one thing that country singer Jessie James Decker always has on her mind — food. She revealed to Women's Health in an interview that "I am a foodie. I think about food when I wake up and I go to bed thinking about if I could have another snack. I just love to eat." The country star even released a cookbook last year, entitled Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate, in which she shared recipes incorporating everything from her Italian heritage to her Southern and Cajun roots (via Harper Collins).

So, what's on her plate on a daily basis?

Intermittent fasting is a popular choice amongst many celebrities, as People reports, and although Decker doesn't describe her eating pattern using those specific terms, she has an eating window that she likes to keep, according to Women's Health. She starts her day off as many do with a caffeine jolt courtesy of a cup of coffee with creamer, and she recently made the switch to using cane sugar rather than artificial sweeteners (via People). She sips her caffeinated beverage through the morning until she begins to feel peckish around 11 am, at which point she'll have some toast with butter (via Women's Health).

Decker eats plenty of home-cooked foods — but not a whole lot of snacks

Not long after her morning toast, Decker whips up something for lunch. According to Women's Health, her varied lunch plate could contain anything from a tuna sandwich to a quick Trader Joe's frozen meal to a simple protein-packed salad (via People).

She also confessed to Women's Health that she's not much of a snacker, instead preferring to fill up with a heartier lunch and dinner. However, she does incorporate protein shakes if needed, especially post-workout, and makes sure to stay hydrated — as in going through multiple refills of a 32-ounce jug of water (via People).

When dinner rolls around, you won't find her eating something completely different from her husband Eric Decker and three children. The foodie and cookbook author loves to cook delectable dishes from scratch, making everything from gumbo to chicken tacos. As she confesses, nothing is off limits, not even pasta, because she knows what's going into her food when she's making it at home (via Women's Health).

To wrap up her day, she loves to treat herself to either a bit of something sweet, like a chocolate chip cookie or handful of chocolate-covered almonds, or a glass of wine. Though she admitted to Women's Health that she loves a glass of red wine, the country star also worked with Nocking Point Wines to launch a Pinot Grigio from Washington state, so it seems she's an equal opportunity vino enthusiast.