Jacques Torres Shares What We Can Expect From The Newest Season Of Nailed It! - Exclusive

For anyone who needs to feel a little better about their baking skills — or lack thereof — Netflix's Nailed It! is definitely the show for you. The popular baking competition program (which was literally inspired by Pinterest fails) celebrates amateurs everywhere, forcing competitors to show off one epic baking fail after another as they try to recreate pastry masterpieces, all in the hopes of taking home a $10,000 prize (via Los Angeles Times). But before that can happen, the hosts (comedian Nicole Byer and master of chocolate Jacques Torres), along with a guest judge, have to taste each creation — no matter how inedible it may look. Four seasons later, the show is still magically cringeworthy and captivating at the same time. 

And now, after nearly a year of waiting (via IMDb), fans finally can rejoice. Nailed It! is back with a brand new season, plus a brand new twist; and Mashed got the inside scoop. We sat down with Nailed It! judge and world-renowned pastry chef, Jacques Torres, for some exclusive insight on what viewers can expect from the upcoming season — and let's just say you probably don't need to bring your appetite.

Get ready for double the chaos, and double the fun

The biggest change viewers will notice on the newest season of Nailed It! (called Nailed It!: Double Trouble) is the number of contestants. This time around, teams of two bakers will compete for the prize money. "So you would expect better work, better cakes, better finish," says host Jacques Torres. Yes, you would expect that... on any other baking competition show. Of course, that's not the case here. "It's still a catastrophe," Torres admits. He told us, "don't expect magical things happening because there are two bakers in the kitchen." Instead, Torres says "what to expect is more laughs, more fails, more bad cakes." Or to put it another way: "double the mess, double the problems."

While the culinary creations are sure to be as horrifyingly hilarious as always, Torres says viewers are in for even more entertainment when there are twice as many bakers interacting in the chaotic Nailed It! kitchen. "We have family members working together, couples," Torres explained, adding, "that brings another dimension, I think, to the show, because of the relationships... and sometimes the friction of people working together, which is quite interesting." It's unclear if we'll see any food fights break out this season, but honestly, it wouldn't be the wildest thing that's happened on Nailed It! so far. One thing that is certain, Torres says, is that "it's still very funny. It's still people having fun in the kitchen and goofing around and doing some crazy stuff."

Jacques Torres says the bakers aren't set up to fail, but they do anyway

After four seasons of Nailed It!, one thing has become clear: the bakers never do actually nail it, and as Jacques Torres told us, having a helping hand doesn't seem to make things easier. Is it just impossible? Maybe the challenges are simply too difficult for anyone to master except for the pros. Some have even speculated that the bakers are so bad, the show must be scripted.

However, Torres assured us that the show does try to set the bakers up for success, even if they never quite grasp it. Of course, it's not meant to be a piece of cake — where's the fun in that? But when it comes to choosing the Nailed It! challenges, Torres says "we really try to make it possible for the bakers to be able to do it in their timeframe." Torres added that was especially true as they developed the challenges for this new season with baker teams. "We really try to not make it easier, but make it reasonable, let's say that." However, despite those efforts, the results still leave the judges reeling while the rest of us are cracking up. 

You can stream all six episodes of Nailed It!: Double Trouble on Netflix, starting March 26.