Aldi Fans Are So Excited For This Returning Coconut Whipped Cream

If you like to add a little extra sweet something to your desserts or are looking for something tasty and unique to liven up your morning coffee, then Aldi has just the product for you. Their delicious coconut whipped topping has just returned to store shelves and Aldi fans couldn't be more excited. Light, sweet, and made with real coconut cream, this whipped topping will add a signature coconut flavor to all kinds of food. The Minimalist Baker recommends adding it to pie, hot cocoa, and even ice cream.

Popular Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit raved about the new product to their followers, writing, "I say whip it! Whip it good! If you didn't get a chance to grab this whip cream by @gayleafoodscoop last year you definitely need to try it this time around!! It's so good! Who has tried this one? How did you like it?!" 

Their followers couldn't stop raving about the whipped cream. One follower commented, "Sooooo good! I put it on top of the fit & active caramel rice cakes with a dash of cinnamon!" A different social media user recommended, "The best on fresh pineapple!" Another added, "Love love love! Coffee, fruit, in place of icing. Had it on warm berry pudding cake last night...delish!" And while it's no doubt a great addition to just about every fruit or dessert, it's also delicious just straight out of the can.

All Gay Lea products are made with sustainability in mind

And shoppers have a lot more to be excited about with Gay Lea Foods than just the taste of this product. The Canadian-based dairy foods co-operative is also "committed to promoting high standards of care and welfare on Canadian dairy farms,” while "conducting our business in a way that minimizes our environmental footprint" (via their website). They aim to improve animal care and welfare and environmental sustainability through a series of practices that include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing toxic, hazardous, and solid wastes, and improving water and energy efficiency. 

So, if you're craving coconuts or looking to add a summery and tropical kick to your snacks, you can feel good about grabbing this coconut whipped topping the next time you're at Aldi's. Don't forget to stock up while you can, because this delicious whipped cream won't be on shelves for long.