Costco Fans Are Obsessed With This Cheesy Black Truffle Seasoning

Costco is undoubtedly one of the most impressive retailers in the entire country. For one, it has a plethora of options for its customers. As per Eat This, Not That!, the brand also has a clever strategy to keep its customers coming back for more. For example, Costco has a section that's basically meant for essential household products called "triggers," while others sections showcase some sweet deals that are only around for a short while and are aptly named "treasures."

According to CNBC, some of the best value products for your money at Costco are baked products, cheese, a variety of frozen fruits, wine, vanilla extract, olive oil, snack items, and more. Also, these days, Costco enthusiasts have also started raving about a particular bottle of Truffle Parmesan & Black Pepper seasoning. These Costco aficionados are coming up with interesting ideas to use this product wisely. Read on for all the details.

Everyone is super enthusiastic about this one

A fairly popular Costco fan account uploaded a photo of the Truffle Parmesan & Black Pepper seasoning on Instagram, and wrote that they were excited to try the Epicurean Specialty product. One commentator wrote that they'd simply eat it the way it is. Another user wrote, "I want to sprinkle it on popcorn!" Deliciousness! And yet another Costco user helpfully pointed out that this product is a winner and tastes as good as you'd hope. 

Another promising suggestion? Try digging into corn on the cob with this seasoning sprinkled on top of it. Heavenly, huh? Also, this is for you if you're a fan of spices: something else at Costco that's definitely worth trying if you're in need of a little bit of experimentation at home is the Olde Thompson Everything Bagel Seasoning (via Eat This, Not That!). It's a versatile product and can be a good addition to several dishes, making it easy for you to add some variety to your meals.