The TikTok Breakfast Hack That Shay Mitchell Swears By

For Shay Mitchell, there's a certain TikTok breakfast hack that has become part of her morning routine, which she revealed during a Women's Health interview. While many fans remember her from her role on Pretty Little Liars, the actress has developed some food routines that have helped her healthy eating stay on track. In the recent Women's Health article, Mitchell admitted that she "makes the same breakfast every day," and her inspiration came from a TikTok cooking hack.

As stated in the interview, she makes an egg quesadilla. "You scramble the eggs, you put them in a pan, and then you put the tortilla on top of it. You flip it and it's perfectly even, and then you can get crazy with what else you put in it. I'll usually add spinach, cheese, and mushrooms on top," Shay said. By cooking all the ingredients in the skillet with the tortilla as a topper, the breakfast is convenient and adaptable. The ingredients can be changed depending on cravings or preferences yet the basic concept remains the same.

Why do foodies love the quesadilla egg hack?

While mom might have touted the importance of a good breakfast, home cooks are often looking for a quick, easy method to get a healthy meal on the table. Although a grab-and-go breakfast bar or a simple coffee might be tempting, sometimes a more substantial plate of eggs can be warranted. Still, home cooks want convenience, which has made the quesadilla egg hack a popular choice, including for celebrities like Shay Mitchell (via Women's Health).

But food hacks are constantly evolving, and while Mitchell places her tortilla atop some eggs, people have been obsessing over a new hack featuring tortillas. The TikTok tortilla quadrant technique has now seen its fair share of variations (with Food52 dishing out a few more tasty combinations). Before anyone panics about having to do geometry, the four sections are easy to create. Although this divided method might be more complicated than Shay Mitchell's breakfast hack, both concepts offer plenty of room for some culinary experimentation.