Cat Cora Fans Will Love Her Latest Announcement

If you've been wondering what Food Network star Cat Cora has been up to these days, you probably wouldn't be the only one. After all, the celebrity chef, cookbook author, and prolific restaurateur has not appeared on any new Food Network programs since the beginning of 2021 (via IMDb). That being said, we have no doubt Cora has been keeping busy as usual, what with her various restaurants and retail stores scattered around various continents, not to mention her philanthropic work and the fact that she dabbles as not only a cookbook author but also an author of children's books, according to her website. Oh yeah, and she's also a fitness expert, author of a memoir, a wife, and a mother of six boys. 

So, maybe it's not so much about wondering what Cora is up to as it is about wishing the Food Network perennial would start showing up in her chef's whites once again on our television screens, and soon. If you're feeling the same, you — and all of Cat Cora's fans — will love this latest announcement from the star.

This just in: Cat Cora is coming back

On the evening of Tuesday, March 23, 2021, while the rest of the world was minding its own business, perhaps quietly finishing up an early spring supper, some big news hit — and it came from Cat Cora herself. "I'm coming back, baby!" Cora exclaimed in a tweet. "Tune in Sunday." What Cora was referring to, of course, is the fact that starting on Sunday, March 28, she will be appearing on Tournament of Champions, in which she'll be one of 16 chefs competing. But just in case anyone was wondering, Cora also included the hashtag, #TournamentOfChampions, at the end of her tweet.

Tournament of Champions, a boundary-pushing cooking competition show hosted by Guy Fieri, returned to Food Network for its second season on March 7, 2021. The first two episodes focused on Fieri's whittling down a pool of hungry contestants to compete against Food Network stars such as Cora, Christian Petroni, and Amanda Freitag. We expect that Cora, who was the first female ever to win the title of Iron Chef on Iron Chef America (via Fortune) and who is known for her unabashed moxie, will do her part in keeping the competition heated and entertaining.