The Subtle Reference Behind Katie Lee Biegel's New Cookbook Name

You already know of Katie Lee Biegel from Food Network and an extensive list of cooking appearances over the past decade. And while you may think you really know her, let us reintroduce you to Katie Lee Biegel, the married, more peaceful, and less complicated mom-of-one version. Announcing her newest cookbook titled, "It's Not Complicated, Simple Recipes for Every Day," Biegel describes her desire to enjoy the simplicity of life. 

In it, Biegel discovers the happiness that is pasta Sundays, a thick cut rib eye that needs no introduction, and the satisfaction of that perfect brownie with a version of the star who would rather cook at home than serve a dinner party for dozens. Publishers describe the spirit of this newfound tranquility, "In short, her life is guided by a new principle: Things don't need to be complicated to be good," (via Katie Lee Biegel).

But while the book may be as simple as a perfectly-cooked steak, it's also full of so much meaningful nuance and personality. Just take the title, a nod to one of Biegel's favorite creators.

It's complicated, but it's not

Sharing on Instagram, Biegel told fans, "As many of you know, I'm a huge @nmeyers fan, and the title of my cookbook is a nod to her film, It's Complicated. Who can forget the scene of Meryl Streep making chocolate croissants for Steve Martin? This recipe is my favorite dessert in the's DECADENT and FABULOUS! When I was recipe testing, I put this on my Insta story and I don't think I've ever gotten so many DMs asking for a recipe...don't forget to preorder your copy!" Biegel is referring to her recipe for Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding for those who need to know.

It's Complicated is a 2009 movie featuring a divorced couple who reunite at their son's graduation and rekindle their romance — except the couple have some very complicated relationships to untangle as a result (via IMDb). Nancy Meyers is the writer and director in the piece that features Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin in an all-star cast. You may also recognize Meyer's writing from popular movies like Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, and The Intern. So if you're a fan of good movies and tasty food, you can grab a copy of this cookbook full of Biegel's tips and recipes as it has since been released.