Reese's Eggs And Reese's Cups Are Less Alike Than You Thought

What's the difference between Reese's eggs and Reese's cups? To the untrained observer, it may seem like there is no discernible difference between the two. After all, they are both just round globs of chocolate filled with peanut butter, right? Well, as it turns out, that's not exactly true. While peanut butter and chocolate are an undeniably winning combination in any dessert, die-hard fans know that it's not just about the ingredients themselves – it's about including the optimal ratio of the two ingredients to produce the best flavor combination. It is this delicious peanut butter to chocolate balance that arguably gives Reese's Eggs a leg up over their cup-shaped counterparts. 

An All Over Albany report demonstrated that a Reese's egg weighed 35 grams while a Reese's peanut butter cup came in at just 21 grams. That means that when you purchase an egg, you are already getting more bang for your bite in just size alone. But the egg isn't just bigger overall. You can pack a larger proportion of filling into the egg than you can in the cup. The egg contained a hefty 19 grams of peanut butter filling, and the cup trailed behind with just 10 grams of filling. That worked out to peanut butter accounting for 54 percent of the egg's weight, compared to 48 percent of the cup's weight.

Reese's eggs and Reese's cups differ in size, shape, and peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio

According to Mashable, the shape of the peanut butter-filled vessel also plays a significant role in the dessert experience. The thick ridges that surround the peanut butter cups are packed with dense chocolate but will make the experience of biting into a cup more chocolaty than peanut buttery, with the bulk of the peanut butter concentrated in the center. The egg, with its smooth edges, makes the peanut-butter to chocolate experience more balanced throughout, proving that its size and shape make the egg the ideal vehicle for delivering rich and creamy goodness.

Throw in the fact that Reese's eggs are a seasonal item, and therefore can only be enjoyed for a limited amount of time, and you have the makings of a superior chocolate and peanut butter dessert. However, if you're someone who prefers less peanut butter, then you might feel the opposite is true. But regardless of individual peanut butter preference, it seems we can all agree that, despite seeming quite similar, Reese's eggs and Reese's cups are certainly not interchangeable.