Everything You Need To Know About Dairy Queen's New Chip Shakes

Dairy Queen shakes aren't going full-on Blizzard, but they are getting a little added dimension with the introduction of three new chip shakes. The shakes are made with soft serve, real milk, and what DQ calls "choco chip confetti." (Rather than chips, think chocolate bits that are more likely to make it through your straw.) Dairy Queen is promoting the chip shakes as part of its lineup of colorful new spring treats, and they come in three flavors (via Dairy Queen). Available starting March 29th are the Mint Chip and Raspberry Chip shakes. DQ says a third flavor, Choco Hazelnut Chip, is coming soon.

The Raspberry Chip Shake is made with real raspberries, and real is always good. One YouTube reviewer got their hands on the Raspberry and Choco Hazelnut Chip shakes back in December (via YouTube). (Dairy Queen must have been giving these new items a test run in their neck of the woods.) The reviewer found the real raspberry too sour for their taste and gave this chip shake a five out of 10. They liked the Choco Hazelnut Chip Shake better, making the obvious comparison to Nutella. That one scored an eight out of 10, according to the review.

Three flavors of Dairy Queen chip shakes are part of a new spring lineup

While the Mint Chip Shake is also part of Dairy Queen's March 29th announcement, this flavor has been around for a while. Best Products reported the Mint Chip Shake's arrival back in early February, as an alternative to rival McDonald's Shamrock Shake. DQ's Mint Chip Shake is made with crème de menthe. All three shakes come with whipped topping, too. Because all three shakes are part of participating Dairy Queens' spring treat collection, we suspect they'll only be around for a limited time — so don't wait too long to head over to DQ, if you want to give these new chip shakes a try.

The spring treat collection also includes the return of the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone, a soft serve that gets a crunchy orange and vanilla-flavored coating. Also new for spring is the Tropical Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush, which definitely looks like spring — or a psychedelic tequila sunrise (alcohol-free, of course). The slush blends mango, lemon-lime, and lemonade flavors.