7-Eleven Has A Limited-Edition PEEPS-Flavored Latte. Here's What You Need To Know

Spring is officially here, which means Easter is around the corner and so are all those new seasonal menu items at your favorite restaurants and stores! (That's the most important part of spring anyway, right?) This year, convenience store chain 7-Eleven is also taking part in those seasonal changes. More specifically, its java menu is looking a little different. Although it's best known for its extra-large beverage sizes and its popular and beloved Slurpees, 7-Eleven's coffee bar definitely shouldn't be overlooked.

7-Eleven uses 100 percent Arabica coffee beans for a strong, rich flavor in every sip (via the company website). Bonus points for the Arabica beans touting the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal (meaning they're sourced from eco-conscious farms)! Plus, each cup of java is made from freshly-ground beans. So, whether you're pouring yourself your own cuppa or ordering a handcrafted beverage, you can be sure you're getting a super fresh cup o' joe flavored however you'd like it to be. That said, in addition to 7-Eleven's usual hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, and orange mocha flavors, the store is adding another limited-edition latte flavor at participating locations: PEEPS Marshmallows.

The lowdown on 7-Eleven's new latte flavor

Yep, we're talking about those adorable marshmallows that are shaped like chicks, ducks, and other animals. You know, the ones that are super popular around Easter time? Now you can try them out in latte form (with a caffeine boost to boot – or decaffeinated, if that's more your style). "We are always looking for new and unexpected flavors for all of our proprietary beverages – hot, cold and frozen," 7-Eleven Vice President of Proprietary Beverages Jawad Bisbis said in a press release. "I hope loyal PEEPS enthusiasts will come give our limited-edition latte a try."

Marshmallow lattes aren't the only new seasonal change at 7-Eleven, though. Fans of the convenience chain can also expect to see limited-edition oversized frosted shortbread cookies in spring-inspired shapes (think: pastel butterflies and bumblebees), mini-gummi candies taking on the form of flowers and (more) butterflies, strawberry yogurt-covered pretzels, and more this season.