The Baking Dish Nigella Lawson Hates

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson knows how to stir things up a bit, whether it's on social media or on television. In late December, Lawson kicked of something of a tempest when she gave every college kid's favorite kitchen appliance a new pronunciation while making a brown butter colcannon; and thanks to her, what has been called the "nukebox" can now also be known as the "mee-krow-wah-vay" (via People).

Now we've find out she has an issue with another kitchen staple — the ramekin — but not because of what it does. As she shared her recipe of the day via Twitter, Lawson said: "I'm no particular fan of the dinky, and many of you know I have my problems with the word 'ramekin', but I suspend all my prejudices for these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pots, which are 1) fabulous 2) easy to make, and 3) #RecipeOfTheDay."

In case you were wondering, the #recipeoftheday was for chocolate chip cookie dough pots, but the recipe reveal didn't include an explanation for why Lawson isn't thrilled with the word "ramekin", although she's perfectly happy to use them, as she's repeatedly said (via Twitter).

Nigella has her kitchen quirks

Still, we know Nigella is quirky when it comes to food — like did we all know she butters her toast twice? Once when it pops out of the oven steaming hot, and a second time when it has cooled down, before she finishes the butter with salt (via Grazia).

We may not have to wait too long to find out about Nigella and the word "ramekin." After "mee-krow-wah-vay" saw the light of day, the celebrity chef revealed that the pronunciation was the result of a family joke which slipped into the public sphere. Maybe we're reading too much into this and its just a simple case of word aversion, which is a thing and which happens when people don't like a word for no particular reason other than that it exists. That list is full of words we use everyday, from moist to slacks to phlegm (via The New York Times). Until Lawson says otherwise, we just have to add the word ramekin to that list.