Little Caesars' Newest Pizzas Feature This Crispy Topping

If you're someone who has been closely following the fried chicken sandwich wars between your favorite fast-food chains like Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and more, then it's time you add pizza to your must-try fried chicken list. McDonald's announced that it would be expanding its fried chicken sandwich options, but now there's a new player in the game. Little Caesars is testing out fried chicken as a topping on their pizzas (via Yahoo! Life). 

According to Chew Boom, the new fried chicken pizzas are being called "Crispy Chicken Cravers." While fans of the pizza chain will undoubtedly want to try these new pizzas as soon as they can, they're still just being tested. However, those who live near certain Tennessee locations and are craving "Crispy Chicken Cravers" are in luck. Keep your fingers crossed that these pizzas will be as good as they sound. If they get a good response, Little Caesars just might expand the locations where fried chicken is a topping option.

These are the flavors

Chew Boom explains that there are four new pizzas with different flavors of fried chicken toppings. The first is a Naked Crispy Chicken Pizza which features white sauce and crisp, fried chicken on top of the large pizza. Next up is the Garlic Parm Crispy Chicken Pizza which is the same as the naked pizza but comes with a drizzle of garlic parm sauce on top too. The third kind is a Buffalo Crispy Chicken Pizza which is also the same base as the naked option but comes with a buffalo sauce topping too. Finally, there's the BBQ Crispy Chicken Pizza, which — you guessed it — is the same base again but with barbecue sauce on top instead. Each pizza is priced at $9.

As if four new pizzas with fried chicken on top were not enough to throw the hat into the ring for the fried chicken wars, Little Caesars didn't stop there. Each of the four new pizzas has a mirrored order of boneless chicken wings customers can request. Each order includes eight boneless crispy wings served either naked without a dipping sauce or with garlic parm, buffalo, or barbecue dipping sauce. Each order of eight wings is priced at $6.49.

So, keep hoping that these new options will eventually make their way to a Little Caesars near you.