What The Pioneer Woman Wishes Her Husband Wouldn't Give Up For Lent

If you're a regular reader of Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Woman, you would notice that there weren't any reports of how Ree and her husband Ladd are observing Lent this year. This can be a sore subject in the Drummond household, so maybe these things are better left unsaid. Ree Drummond did mention on Instagram that she had given up drinking for Lent (via Instagram) — something she does every year, according to Showbiz CheatSheet. But there's no word on whether Ladd gave up Dr Pepper again this year. For Ree's sake, we sure hope not.

Some practicing Christians spend the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter week giving up something they love, to represent Jesus's sacrifices. Ladd has had a rough time this Lenten season, regardless of whatever he may have given up. He is recovering from a broken neck after he and nephew Caleb crashed head-on while driving separate fire trucks, in an attempt to battle a wildfire burning near Ladd's Oklahoma ranch (via FOX23 News). Plus, his daughter Alex is getting married on May 1 (via The Pioneer Woman) — which is a good thing, of course. It can just be a source of stress. With all Ladd is dealing with right now, Ree Drummond should probably continue to buy the Dr Pepper in bulk.

Ladd Drummond needs Dr Pepper to get through the day

Why did Ladd Drummond give up Dr Pepper for Lent in the first place? Ree tells the story in her latest book, Frontier Follies (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). Ladd didn't have any real vices, so when he first followed his wife's lead and observed Lent, he gave up sweets and junk food. In his third year observing Lent with Ree, he sacrificed something Ree said was "ambitious" — Dr Pepper.

What coffee is to Ree Drummond and a lot of other people, Dr Pepper is to Ladd. Ree appreciates the significance of the Lenten sacrifice and all, but she's not about to give up coffee for 40 days. She needs coffee to get through every day, just as Ladd needs Dr Pepper. He would drink at least four of them a day. While Dr Pepper may be infused with 23 flavors, what it really amounts to is sugar water with caffeine. So when Ladd gave it up, it didn't take long for Ree to figure out something was very wrong with him. Her "teddy bear" had become a "grizzly with fangs."

The fact that Ladd Drummond occasionally abstains from Dr Pepper is good because soda is not the healthiest beverage choice. But grumpy spouses aren't all that great, either. So Ree begs him not to do the 40-day Dr Pepper fast.