The Scathing Message Bobby Flay Received During His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Acceptance

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is one of the most accomplished names in the culinary business. Food, for him, is one of the most important aspects of his life and he makes it a point to stay connected to his passion. However, Flay's fame has led to details about his personal life being made public, whether he wants that or not.  

According to a piece by the Daily Beast, when Flay and his ex-wife, Stephanie March, split ways, things took a turn for the worse. Flay was accused of being unfaithful to March, and was allegedly involved in an affair with his assistant. Prior to their separation, March and Flay had been with each other for a decade, as per CheatSheet. Well, Flay received a lot of criticism when the affair came to light and the couple's divorce was all over the news. In fact, Redditors even debated the pre-nuptial agreement signed by Flay and March before they tied the knot, wondering whether March should get the money she wanted from the chef. "It's not like Bobbly Flay is likely to wake up poor when all of this is said and done," one Redditor wrote. Yikes.

As this was going down, Flay was awarded with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for his work through the years. A pretty big deal, right? The only caveat: the celebrations took an embarrassing turn.

Flay was accused publicly of cheating

As per the Daily Beast, when Flay received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, someone out there decided to humiliate the chef. As Flay and the rest of the public were enjoying the party, a plane was spotted in the sky with a banner that declared, in plain and simple words, that the chef was unfaithful to his ex-wife. It simply read, "cheater." Burn. 

According to HuffPost, the event was a pretty big deal, considering the fact that Flay was the first chef to earn a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Meanwhile, many wondered whether March had decided to hit back at her ex-husband with the cheeky banner, but her team announced that she wasn't involved in the incident. Her attorney at the time, Deborah Lans, simply said, "Stephanie is absolutely not behind [this]." 

Interestingly enough, it wasn't even obvious whether or not Flay had seen the banner flying in the sky, as he was giving a speech at that point. Nevertheless, this had to be a pretty embarrassing moment for the star chef.