The Important Food Lessons Rachael Ray Learned From Her Mom

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is quite the legendary star. According to Insider, she's one of the most accomplished chefs out there; she's managed to appeal to fans across the world, thanks to her easy charm. What sets Ray apart, in some ways, is the fact that she's highly relatable and gives viewers a chance to explore simple dishes that can be prepared on an everyday basis. 

As far Ray's career is concerned, what's really helped her develop is the fact that cooking was a shared passion in her family; she got a chance to get inspired right at home, watching her family members prepare delicious dishes. 

Additionally, Ray — who's undergone a stunning transformation — has revealed that her grandfather helped her greatly as she tried to get comfortable in the kitchen. "My grandfather knew how to make everything, and fortunately he taught my mother," she recalled. "There are too many recipes to think of picking a favorite, but if I had to: stuffed artichokes, with tons of anchovies, bread crumbs, and cheese." Ray's mother was also instrumental in helping her polish her culinary skills.

Cooking taught Ray to relax

Ray has often expressed gratitude to her mom for teaching her how to cook up a storm. She told ABC News in an interview that her mom was responsible for looking after several eateries when Ray was little, which meant that she often got a chance to see the restaurant world up-close. Sadly, Ray's parents parted ways when she was 13 years old, but Ray still got to be with her mom a lot as she and her siblings often went to work with their mother; she chose to look after the kids herself instead of calling a babysitter.

Ray also shared that cooking was an integral part of their lives back then. "We were always in the kitchen and talking and sharing, and it was just where you had a good time," she revealed. Furthermore, Ray's mother imparted several important life lessons to Ray such as learning to relax in the kitchen (via the Food Network). She told her things like "food is just food," and "don't take yourself too seriously." Wise words, huh?