Cat Cora Shared A Touching Message After This Tournament Of Champions Loss

Spoiler Alert: Cat Cora didn't win Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions. But can we take a moment to appreciate what bada** she is, anyway? This Food Network star, who will forever shine as the first female Iron Chefwas friends with butter-loving Julia Child (via Money). She became a chef in the face of culinary school instructors who told her (as per what she once told HuffPost), "You shouldn't be here, you should be back home in Mississippi, barefoot and pregnant." And then there's the fact that she's never been ashamed of wanting to shoot high. "If I wasn't a chef, I'd be an actress. I wanted to be on stage in some way," she told Money

So, yeah. Cat Cora may not have won the Tournament of Champions, but, excuse us while we get corny on you for a minute. She'll always be a winner in our book. Cora's not shedding any tears, either. Yes, she looked, as Reddit noticed, "genuinely sad" after losing to Michael Voltaggio, but soon after she posted a reflection on The Gram that made her priorities clear.  

Cat Cora's not afraid to get gushy

"I may not have won the battle, but everyday I'm winning with you and our family by my side. My rock, my dream, my love," Cora wrote on The Gram, next to a picture of her and her wife, Nicole Ehrlich. Ehrlich, for the record, is equally as formidable as Cora. She's a producer and music executive who used to work with the likes of Lady Gaga (via Money). 

Cora and Ehrlich, who are raising six children (!!), tied the knot in 2018 in Santa Barbara, California. At their wedding (you weren't invited, either?) they ate a wedding cake (white mousse with vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream frosting) they picked after holding a wedding cake competition (via US Weekly). Because, of course, they did. Also, if their Instagram profiles are anything to go by, the two are still adorably in love. "I'm so grateful for my angels on earth and in heaven. I love you with all of me," Ehrlich recently wrote to Cora in celebration of International Women's Day.