The Real Reason Pregnant People Shouldn't Eat Pineapple

It has been well documented that once someone enters pregnancy everything changes. From the way their body morphs into this life-creating vessel to now eating for two, pregnancy is a time that ushers in many shifts. Once you've entered this stage, there are so many things that you can no longer do. A Healthline report cites that upon becoming pregnant, folks can no longer do something as simple as jumping in a hot tub to consuming certain foods and drinks. 

For many, the restrictions that come with food and drink are seemingly the most difficult. For example, pregnant people need to steer clear of things like deli meat, soft cheeses (so long Brie and queso blanco), raw meat and shellfish (no fresh oysters for you), and raw eggs (goodbye homemade mayo). According to Anmum, there are also some fruits you need to steer clear of as well. So, next time you're making your grocery list, forget about adding things like grapes, papayas, and pineapples.

Eating pineapples could negatively impact the cervix

Anmum states that pineapples carry a compound called bromelain and is something that could prove to be harmful to pregnant folks. What is so harmful about bromelain? The publication states that this compound is documented to break down protein within the body and has been known to soften the cervix. Why is a softer cervix seen as problematic? Anmum claims that it can push pregos into early labor. Apollo Cradle backs this claim up by explaining how the bromelain can "induce premature contractions" that can cause a miscarriage as well as cause diarrhea. 

But what happens if your body suddenly starts to get a pregnancy craving for pineapples? Like many things, Onlymyhealth suggests pineapples should be eaten in moderation, specifically in later trimesters. The publication notes that pregnant people should steer clear of indulging in pineapple during their first trimester as a precaution. So, how many pineapples does it take to cause these adverse effects? Anmum claims that you'd need to eat seven to 10 deliciously ripe and fresh pineapples in one sitting, for there to be any harm done to your body.