The One Thing You Should Know Before Eating At The Dapper Doughnut

Few people can resist a box of donuts. Walk by a tray of muffins and bagels and the will power is fairly easy to muster up. But when confronted with the tempting sugary, frosted, glazed, doughy, or cakey goodness of a donut and that same will power is rendered ineffective, weak, and downright useless. 

In 2020, per Statista, 201.02 million Americans ate donuts. And then when you get into how many donuts we eat, well, that math is eye popping. According 102.5 Charleston, 10 billion donuts are served up on an annual basis with the average donut consumption being 31 per person. That means most of us are having at least one donut per month if not more. No judgement if all this donut talk is making you want to run to your nearest Krispy Kreme or Dunkin'; we're right behind you.

Which brings us to our next point, there are a lot of donut shops feeding our addiction, over 25,000 to be exact (via 102.5 Charleston), and the amount of Andrew Jacksons we are forking out to pay for those beautiful rectangular boxes of deliciousness can add up. That's why we think if you are going to choose a donut from The Dapper Doughnut, there's one very important factor that you need to take into consideration before committing to its cake-style donuts to satiate your taste buds. 

The Dapper Doughnut bakes and sells two-bite donuts

If you are going to splurge your daily caloric intake on donuts from The Dapper Doughnut, be prepared to eat, well, maybe the whole box. While people absolutely love this donut shop's tasty round treats — its menu options are truly next level — they are much smaller than the average donut. While they have been called "whimsical mini doughnuts," that's just code for you are going to eat a lot of these two-bite morsels, and that's if you are taking dainty bites. You could easily pop a whole one in your mouth without even flinching. 

While fans like the flavors, many have been disappointed by the size. One Yelp reviewer called their Dapper Doughnuts "puny," and another lamented, "They are very small, so that is the only downfall, but let's start calling them bite-sized instead. There's really no better excuse to try all flavors in one sitting."

Pricing also might be an annoyance depending on how many donuts you'd like to buy. How Much Is It? notes that your average dozen can run anywhere from $6.75 to $7.49, and you will ultimately have to buy more boxes of donuts to satisfy a hungry crowd if you purchase minis from The Dapper Doughnut. So, despite loving these delightful confections, it might be better for your pocketbook if you save these donuts for a special date night with someone who won't eat their full share, and won't judge you for eating more than yours.